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About Us

Sarmila Residency was started in 2009. The prime location of Sarmila Residency had attracted more guests since then. Out of the quality service and unbelievable low cost guests have been visitng us repeatedly and also several references from the guests stayed with us more and more guests are staying with us.

Sarmila Residency has become one of the best Budget Hotels in Kodaikanal. It is also the Cheap and Best in its class. You will feel a home away from home.

The location of Sarmila Residency is a great advantage for the guests. It is almost in the heart of Kodaikanal. It is very near to the Kodaikanal FM Station. Accessibility to Sarmila Residency any time is easy.

Kodaikanal is well connected by road to all major cities and towns. Busses ply frequently to Kodaikanal from these places. Tourist cabs are also available in plenty. Trains to and fro run daily between Coimbatore and Nagercoil stop at Kodai Road from where Kodaikanal is easily reachable by bus or private vehicles. Some trains from Bangalore, Chennai and Trichy also stop at Kodai Road.